Monday, March 5, 2007

Robot modeling

This is another character that I was developing for my short. His name is munch. He is a very simple robot who has a few screws loose. He was constructed from a vacuum cleaner. He is constantly cleaning and has the unique ability of being able to fix or construct anything. Right now I am still working out some of the details and another version of him is in construction, the newer model will have his vacum exposed. Also with this one he is still being rigged and textured

CG modeling Roxy

I was developing this character for a film I tried to make. This character is a genetically altered bunny rabit. She is a typical highschool girl who enjoys punk music. Her favorite band is The Distillers. I have been modelling her for a few weeks now. I am currently unwrapping and retexturing and rigging. The character drawings were done by my good friend Jason Apalit