Wednesday, September 17, 2008

rought concept art for Film project

Caverns that lead to the cave where our hero's friend is holding up.
More caverns.
Entrance to the cave
Here is a rough of how I want the inside of the jungle to look. Im trying to get a feel for it, But for sure when its made it needs to look dark and like very few bits of light from above.
More inside the jungle. I think more debre on the ground will help create atmosphere.
Close up of the entrance to the jungle.
This is a rough of the outside of where our hero, will land his ship inside for protection and cover.
This is the view from the inside of the landing site

Quick studies to how some of the vegitation should look in detail.
Here is a view from the outside of the landing site, here you will see a fallen tree and where our hero will see his buddies back pack, and wonder where he could be.

Hey everyone, here is the recent 2d work that I have been working on for the "Rescue Mission" film project. These are rough layouts for how most of the scenes should look like. I will be posting constantly as this project is finally going to get moving.

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